Green Event

GGGI is in the business of ensuring environmental and social sustainability while achieving economic growth in our partner countries. As such, the institute is committed to promoting sustainability in our day-to-day operations and consistently encourages, assists and advises participants in their efforts to make GGGI events climate neutral to the greatest extent possible.

What we are doing to promote environmentally sustainable event:

For GGGWeek 2017, we have made an effort to socialize the recently released GGGI Green Event Guide with participants as well as the local service providers. The event team has been coordinating with local event coordinators and vendors to make sure we are doing everything we can to minimize carbon footprint. Just to give you a few examples:

  • Providing green tips and reminders to all participants
  • Finding alternatives to disposable items such as bottled water
  • Using local vendors as much as possible to reduce shipping costs and carbon emission
  • Not having any printed materials except the programs
  • Preparing meals based on the actual number of participants to minimize food waste and providing more vegetarian options
  • Providing shuttles for airport transfer rather than private vehicles
  • Help us reduce potential negative impact on the environment by taking simple actions below:

    For the Event

  • Travel by foot or use public transport to the meeting venue
  • Only print what you need before travelling (black & white, double-sided)
  • Bring Your Own Stationery (BYOS) as required to the meeting
  • Recycle your waste: bottles, cans, papers where this option available
  • Avoid food waste

    At the Hotel

  • If the hotel offers this service, take the energy-saving option of not having sheets and towels changed every day
  • Turn down the heat by 1℃
  • Be conscious of how much water you use
  • Turn off lights, TV, air conditioner or heater when leaving the hotel room for the day
  • Carbon Offset

    If you are interested in offsetting your travel carbon footprint, please go to: Carbon Footprint GGGI

    For any questions or clarifications, email us: