Mycoles is an online employee portal which handles the payslips of Coles group limited. Through this portal, any Coles group employees can login to their Coles salary payslips online. Logging into Mycoles is easy and convenient for employees to access the benefits.
Number of Employees1,00,000

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MyColes Login

To Log into the account. Please do follow the step by step instructions. If you have problems with accessing the account see our troubleshooting guide.

  • Visit Official Website :
  • Now you will be redirected to the colesgroup login page where you can find the username and password fields
  • If you are returning employee to the mycoles portal you will be already aware of the username and password. However, if you are new employee and accessing the website for first time check below guidelines on how to register of my coles account. And if you have any problems with your account see the troubleshooting/fixing steps.
  • Submit the login fields, on successful validation you will be redirected to the dashboard


Forgot Your UserName Or Password?

  • If you have forgot your username, you can check back side of the mycoles ID card where you can find the username underneath the signature
  • However, if you don’t have the card with you right now. Need not to worry click on the forgot username and follow the prompted troubleshooting steps to know your username.
  • If you have forgot your username click on the “forgot password” link and follow the next followed troubleshooting steps. And reset the password by verifying the email.
  • For Any other queries contact : 1300 692 653

Mycoles First Time Registration

  • If you don’t have My coles existing employee account at Coles organization, you have to start from the first email “Welcome to Mycoles” from the coles organization to sign up.
  • If you didn’t receive any such email address, you can call to the coles customer service number 1300 692 653 for help.
  • Using LAN ID, salaried employees can get access to MyColes.
  • Enter 8-digit employee number (i.e.,eg :00123451) and date of birth and the password which has been sent to you in the “Welcome to Mycoles” email.
  • Now you can reset your password and also set your personal email address.
  • Note down the details like user id and password for further process.

Access Mycoles From Department Store Computer

To access your account from your department store you need to complete 2 step process.  First step is validating with the store information and next is logging into personal account.

  • Use generic login affiliated with your store.
  • UserAccount : First four digits are your store number followed by “pay1”
    Where 0591 is the store number
    Password: First Four Digits are your store number Followed by “payslip”
    eg: 0591payslip
    Where 0591 is the store number
  • Once you have logged in, enter your personal login details.
    Note: You cannot register for the new account from department computer. Use your personal device for registration

For Retiree/ Left the Bussiness

If you are retired or left the business at coles, you cannot actively login from the above mentioned links. You need to contact the Helpline number regarding queries.

Payment Summaries and Payslips: Usually posted to your last registered postal address, if you have moved to the new location or if you have any changes contact the payroll support on 1300 726 462.  For Payslip information also you need to contact the department

Mycoles Employee Benefits

If you’re serving your roles and responsibilities as an employee/staff at Coles organization, you will be allowed to access the benefits like career pathways, rewards and benefits, diversity and inclusion, recognition and celebration, health and safety, and much more.

Career Pathways

Based on your education qualification, you can opt for different kinds of jobs through career pathways section. It helps to find out the featured jobs and current opportunities. By searching on API box, you will get to know the information about job opportunities very easily without any hassles out.

Rewards and Benefits

If you are working with Coles organization, you will get access to a wide range of benefits that are exclusive to Coles’ employees.

  • Paid Parental Leave

At Coles retail store, it always support the working families to build their great careers. Accordingly, it provides 12 weeks off paid parental leave for primary care givers and 1 week off paid leave for secondary care givers. The benefit of paid parental leave is available for full time and part time team members with a minimum of 12 months of continuous service.

  • Anytime Anywhere Mycoles

Coles is providing an online portal for its employees that is named as My coles which can be available at anytime and from anywhere. It saves you a lot with the providing of great deals on finance, health, telecommunications, and more. In order to offer best deals, it strives to reviewing the benefits continuously. So, it offering great discounts on travel, movie tickets, restaurants, and electronics.

If you’re working at stores, you can plan for your weekend at anytime, anywhere with access to payslips through online portal. In addition to these, Coles facilitates My coles card to its employees that will be helpful to get discounts at Coles and other Wesformers stores too that included Kmart, Officeworks, Liquorland, and Target.

Recognition and Celebration

It’s very essential to recognize the efforts and achievements of team members. Accordingly, Coles also creating more number of ways to say thank you and everyone can get in on the act.

  • Service Recognition

Experience really matters in every organization. So, Coles celebrates the anniversary milestones in the team. If you’re working as an employee and a team member for five years of service, you will be rewarded with a special name badge and special celebration of their time of service.

  • Thank You Cards

By providing Thank You cards to its colleagues, the company really makes a unique way of recognition to its customers, team, store, or the community. Thank You cards play an important role in the recognition and celebration of team members.

  • Caring passionately

At Coles organization, any team member can nominate the some one who regularly goes out of their way to help the customers, colleagues, or the community. Through Tell Coles Survey, customers can also nominate their favourite team member to nominate for a Caring Passionately Award. The recipients of the award who can get a special badge from Coles.

Health and Safety

Coles has taken health and safety issue seriously. Relevantly, it provides a safe environment to 100,000 team members in 2,200 locations and millions of customers every week. It is also considering a safety as another important aspect in their lives. So, everyone who joins in Coles will get safety training and support.

About Coles

Coles has been committed to deliver quality products, great customer service, and giving value to millions of Australians. In order to provide best services to its customers, it strives to work hard for sustainable future, forming lasting relationships with Aussie farmers, and supporting local jobs in the food industry.

Relevantly, it has been expanded its services across Australia with a huge number of stores, distribution centers, and the store support offices. The team members who working at Coles are providing best services to its customers, communities, farmers, suppliers, etc. Coles brand products win 88 medals that included Coles Finest Australian Red Gum Honey, Coles Thai green chicken curry and jasmine rice, Coles Thai chicken noodles meal pot, Coles Block chacolate white and vinnela, and more.

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